We are closing the customer centre IMANTA in the second half of April

Following the bank's strategy and the customers' preference to mostly use banking services online, we reviewed our branch network and made the decision to close the tiny customer service center of the bank located in Imanta.

April 18, 2023 will be the last working day of the customer service center IMANTA, respective notices have been already placed in the premises of the service center. Soon, we will also inform the customers of this service center individually.

We encourage customers who do not yet use remote banking services to apply for internet banking and a payment card to manage their finances conveniently and at lower costs.

To reduce the necessity for branch visits, we also made changes to the price list recently, making it more financially beneficial to receive payment card by mail than in a branch.

If you need in-person service, please choose the other Industra Bank customer service center in Riga:

  • ELIZABETE, Brīvības iela 38
  • DZELZAVAS, Dzelzavas iela 78
  • SAHĀRA, Lubānas iela 117a

If you have any questions, please call us on +371 6701 9393.

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