About the payments to Russia and Belarus.
Considering the international sanctions imposed in connection with the Russian government's invasion of Ukraine, please note that further transfers to and from Russia and Belarus may be delayed or not possible. 
Please also note that due to additional monitoring, the processing of any payment may take longer than usual, and the bank may charge an additional fee for checking payments in accordance with the Price List (in connection with ML/TF/PF risk and sanctions risk management - fee for additional due diligence/ compliance check of the customer/ activity/ transaction / payment partner/ documents).

Up-to-date information on sanctions imposed on Russia and Belarus is available on the FCMC website
Here is also the information about the impact of the Russian aggression in Ukraine on our services.



Specification of the Price List for INDUSTRA products and services

The Bank has specified the commission fee for keeping the client's funds in the checking account, stipulating that the commission fee shall be calculated for the total balance of funds in all client's checking accounts, if it exceeds the amount specified in the price list. 

For individuals, the commission fee will be applied to the amount of funds exceeding the total balance of funds in the checking accounts specified in the price list for the actual days. 

For legal entities, the commission fee will be applied to the total amount of balance of funds in the checking accounts for the actual days.

The specification of the price list will come into force as follows: for individuals, on 17.11.2021; for legal entities, on 01.10.2021.

Price List of the Bank’s services is available here: 
•    For natural persons residents
•    For natural persons non-residents
•    For legal entities residents
•    For legal entities non-residents

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