Opening an account for Ukrainian refugees

Industra Bank condemns the Russian government for its illegal invasion to sovereign territory of Ukraine and crimes committed there.

Supporting the people of Ukraine, we have introduced a simplified procedure for drawing up a current account and payment card at Industra Bank for Ukrainian refugees who have found a safety in Latvia:

  • Account application review and account opening - free of charge;
  • Issuance and use of Mastercard Debit payment card - free of charge.

To open an account and receive a payment card, it is necessary to come to the bank's service center in person, bringing a Ukrainian passport.

Please visit the nearest Industra Bank customer service centre to submit the documents for applying for an account and payment card. For your convenience, please book a visit to the bank in advance by calling the Industra Bank call center at +371 67019393. You may come to the nearest customer service center also without prior informing.

Industra Bank has four customer service centers in Riga:

  • Brīvības Street 38 (Brīvības iela 38);
  • Kurzeme Avenue 132 (Kurzemes prospekts 132);
  • Lubānas Street 117a (Lubānas iela 117a);
  • Dzelzavas Street 78, shopping center "RIMI", 1st floor, (Dzelzavas iela 78, t/c "RIMI",1.stāvs),

as well as four customer service centers in other cities:

  • Mihoelsa Street 66 (Daugavpils, Mihoelsa iela 66, Daugavpils);
  • Driksas Street 4, Jelgava (Driksas iela 4, Jelgava);
  • Lielā Street 11, Liepāja (Lielā iela 11, Liepāja);
  • 17 Talsu Street, Ventspils (Talsu iela 17, Ventspils).

Information prepared by the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Latvia on the support provided by Latvia and contacts for resolving various issues for Ukrainian citizens leaving Ukraine due to the military conflict (in Latvian, Ukrainian and Russian).

Information prepared by the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Ukrainian
Information prepared by the Ministry of the Interior in Latvian
Information prepared by the Ministry of the Interior in Russian

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Open an account and apply for a payment card!