New tool for authorization in internet bank - eParaksts mobile

Now Industra Bank customers can authorize for work in the internet bank and confirm the transactions made there also using eParaksts mobile.

If you already use eParaksts mobile:

  • make sure that you have approved changes to the service contract in the "Products" section of the profile or, in some cases, contract amendments have been signed after November 16, 2022;
  • the latest version of eParaksts mobile (1.28.1.) is installed on the phone, because the previous version of the app does not offer the possibility of payment confirmation;
  • follow the instructions in the eParaksts mobile app and create a new PIN1 – a four-digit combination that will be used instead of the current e-Identity PIN, and PIN2 – a six-symbol combination that will be used to confirm payments in the future. Until now, users were not required to use a PIN2, so everyone will have to create a new PIN2.

More details on how to start using eParaksts mobile for authorization and confirming bank transactions - in the instructions prepared by LVRTC (in Latvian).

If you are not yet using eParaksts mobile, here you can apply for it.

Information about this and other authentication tools for use in the Industra internet bank is also available on our website.

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