New internet bank coming soon

During the last weekend of July, we will introduce a new and modern internet bank. It is built for intuitive use and includes several new features. During the technical upgrade, from 6 pm on July 29 until 9am on August 1, internet bank will not be available.

On August 1, our customers will get access new internet bank. Developing it we studied the best examples of industry practice, as well as customer habits.

Most important innovations:

  • New appearance, layout, and functionalities – now our internet bank will be visually much more attractive, it was built by studying the best practice examples of the industry and the habits of our customers, adjusting the functionalities accordingly.
  • Wide functionality of payment cards
    • Option to order a card, replace it, activate, block, and unlock it.
    • Possibility to manage the functionality of your cards - to determine the allowed transactions, change the transaction limits, connect biometric authentication to confirm transactions on the Internet (this option will be available from August 8).
    • Information about blocked, closed and active cards.
    • All new card functionalities will be provided in online mode and will be applied immediately after making a choice in the internet bank.
  • More convenient payments
    • There will be one dynamic payment form that, depending on the parameters entered, will recognize the payment type, and offer to fill in the mandatory fields for the relevant payment. You will no longer have to think about the right payment form to choose.
  • Availability of services
    • You will be able to apply practically to all banking services in internet bank, therefore there will be even fewer reasons to visit the bank.

You will need to change your password
To ensure data protection and security, all internet bank users will be asked to change their password when visiting the new internet bank the first time.

Coming soon
Already in a week after the introduction of the new internet bank, we will launch a new authorization tool - the Industra Code mobile app. Later in the fall, it will turn into a full-fledged banking app, in which both entrepreneurs and private individuals will be able to manage their finances conveniently, no matter where they are. Along with Industra Code, it will be possible to use the existing authorization tools.

Planned service break
To ensure a safe implementation of the new internet bank, on this weekend, from 6pm on Friday, July 29 until 9am on Monday, August 1:

  • Internet bank will not be available.
  • You will not be able to make purchases with payment cards in online stores that support 3DS technology for payment processing.
  • You will be able to use your payment cards for paying in shops and for cash withdrawal at ATMs as usually, but SMS notifications will not be delivered about transactions made with the payment card during the service break.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

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