Internet bank up and running

For a few hours on the afternoon of 10 May, it was not possible for Industra Bank's customers to view their accounts in the Internet bank and, consequently, to make any transfers. We resumed its operations shortly after 5 PM. What were the causes of the disruption?

Alexei Chilimov (Aleksejs Čiļimovs), Director of Technology and Data Management at Industra Bank, said: “When we identified a problem, we immediately mobilized all of our team's specialists to identify and address the cause of the disruption. The problem was found to be related to one of the connections between the information systems. Unfortunately, the equipment worked correctly from a monitoring point of view, therefore it was difficult to detect the faulty process instantly. In close cooperation within two and a half hours we managed to eliminate the technical failure and the full operation of the Internet bank was resumed at 17:01. I would like to emphasize that the incident did not affect the operation of payment cards, POS terminals or E-commerce and did not compromise in any way the security of our customers' data or funds, or the transactions they made. However, of course, such situations cause inconvenience to customers, so we investigated the causes of the incident and took the necessary steps to avoid it in the future."

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