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Industra Bank’s service center Elizabete will relocate to the bank's business center on Muitas street

Starting from July 11, the full range of banking services will be available at the Industra Bank business center, with the customer service center Elizabete moving to the newly renovated premises at Muitas iela 1 (entrance to the service center from Citadeles iela). The bank's main office and business customer service have been located at Muitas iela since the 1st of February this year.

With the relocation of the customer service center to the newly renovated and significantly larger premises at the Industra Bank business center on Muitas iela 1, all our clients - both businesses and individuals - will be able to access a full range of banking services in one place.

To facilitate the relocation, the customer service center Elizabete will be open to clients until 2:00 p.m. on Friday, the 7th of July. From the 11th of July at 9:00 a.m., it will be ready to serve clients in the new premises.

Raivis Kakānis, Chairman of the Board at Industra Bank, stated, "After acquiring the office building on Muitas iela 1 and becoming its owner it was clear that the most efficient way to utilize it would be to establish a full-fledged business centre where the bank's office, as well as business and private customer service, would be located in one place. With the growth, the existing premises on Elizabetes iela had become too narrow, so the relocation to our own building is a logical and cost-efficient step."

The bank acquired the building on Muitas iela 1 in Riga, along with the assets and liabilities of PrivatBank, in the middle of last year. The office building on Muitas iela 1 covers a total area of 7300 m2, of which Industra Bank's office and customer service areas will occupy 1800 m2, while the remaining space will be leased. Currently, several office spaces ranging from 275 m2 are available for rent. For inquiries about office space rental, please call +371 2949 9957.

About Industra Bank:
Industra Bank is a Latvian financial institution founded in 1994, serving 20.5 thousand clients, including 1,500 legal entities and 19,000 private individuals. The bank was established by local entrepreneurs, and it focuses on serving small and medium-sized businesses in Latvia. For customer convenience, the bank offers service centers in Riga, Daugavpils, Liepaja, Ventspils, and Jelgava.

In 2022, the bank achieved a consolidated profit of 4.3 million euros. Skilful capital utilization and rapid growth allowed Industra Bank to deliver the highest return on capital in the Latvian banking sector last year. The bank's assets increased by 57%, reaching 270 million euros on December 31, 2022, while customer deposits amounted to 244 million euros, a 61% increase over the year.

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