Industra Bank's new business center in Riga

On February 1, Industra Bank's business customer service and the bank's head office will move to new, much larger premises in Rīga, Muitas iela 1. The Bank's customer service center Elizabete will stay in the existing premises for the time being, while the new service center premisses will be equiped in Muitas iela.

Along with the relocation of the head office, the legal address of the bank has also changed, and as from now it is Rīga, Muitas iela 1, LV-1010. Phone numbers and other bank contact information remain unchanged.

Raivis Kakānis, chairman of the board of Industra Bank: "As often happens, one event leads to the next. By purchasing part of the PrivatBank business, we also became a landlord, acquiring an office building on Muitas street 1. At the same time, along with growth, the existing premises on Elizabetes street had become too small for us, so moving to our own building is a logical and cost-efficient step. Despite this, we will maintain the usual practice of allowing employees to work in a hybrid mode - those who want it and who are allowed by the specifics of their work will be able to continue to work part of the time remotely and come to the office as needed. I hope that the spacious and well-equipped premises, which we will continue to furnish as a modern, functional and comfortable working environment, will motivate colleagues to meet each other in person more often."

Currently, Industra Bank has a total of 189 employees, which is 21% more than a year ago.    

The bank acquired the building in Rīga, Muitas iela 1, by purchasing the assets and liabilities of PrivatBank in the middle of last year. In total, the office building at Muitas iela 1 covers 7,300 square meters, of which the Industra Bank office and customer service premises will occupy 1,800 square meters, while the rest of the premises are rented out. Currently, there are several office spaces available for rent, with an area starting from 275 square meters. Please reach us on +371 2949 9957 about premises available for rent. 

About Industra Bank:  
Industra Bank is a Latvian credit institution established in 1994 with 21.4 thousand customers - one thousand four hundred legal entities and 20 thousand individuals. The bank was founded by local entrepreneurs and focuses on serving Latvia's small and medium-sized enterprises. For the convenience of its customers, the bank offers eight service centres - four of them in Riga, and the others in Daugavpils, Liepāja, Ventspils and Jelgava.

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