Industra Bank wins the marathon in the small teams' competition

The Industra Bank team won in the Riga Marathon within the competition of small teams - mainly thanks to the unity and discipline of the team.

This is an excellent example that proves that the contribution of each team member is much more important for achieving an excellent team result than the brilliant result of an individual talent.

We are proud of the achieved result - in the competition of eighty-four small teams, the Industra Bank team consisting of 28 members received 234 points and took the first place!

Artūrs Veits, CFO of Industra Bank, who ran the half-marathon distance, says: "In recent years, we have achieved a lot together, and our team’s strength has always been the basis of our success – the readiness of each single colleague to engage and facilitate the teams result with their competences and energy. Events like the marathon let us feel this team spirit - they show that we feel comfortable together as a team and are willing not only to achieve business goals, but also to spend our free time together. Thank you to everyone involved in organizing our team participation in the marathon and of course to all our twenty-eight runners, big and small! We will definitely repeat it next year!"

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