Industra Bank will pay customers interest for the funds kept in the account

According to the changes in the bank's price list, Industra Bank's customers – private individuals, residents - will receive interest on their funds in the account from March 1, if the account balance reaches at least 10 thousand euros.

As the interest rates in the financial markets increase, Industra Bank introduces changes in its services pricelist and as the first and so far the only bank in Latvia from March 1 will pay its customers (private individuals, residents of Latvia) interest on the account balance if it reaches at least 10 thousand euros.

The minimum account balance for receiving interest is 10 thousand euros, the rate is from 0.25% to 0.50%, depending on the amount of the account balance. If the customer keeps funds in several Industra Bank accounts, and the amount separately does not reach the minimum limit, but would reach it together, then the funds need to be credited to one account to receive interest on the account balance.

Please get acquainted with the new price list for private individuals-residents, which will come into force on March 1.
In addition, in response to events in the financial markets, the bank has also introduced a deposit with a term of 6 months. The minimum deposit amount is 3000 EUR. 

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