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Donation for a warm-hearted project

Donation to the foundation “Latvijas Kustība par neatkarīgu dzīvi” for the creation of a Group house.

The joy of giving is often much greater than the joy of receiving, so this year we decided to donate the funds meant for Christmas presents to a good cause instead of buying a bottle of champagne or a set of treats. Besides, we really want INDUSTRA customers to choose us for our mutual understanding, readiness to deep dive into customer’s situation and for attitude, not for the gifts.

We made the choice jointly - we asked the bank's employees to vote for one of three great projects, and the vote was overwhelming, with 61.5% of the 96 INDUSTRA employees voting for the project implemented by the foundation “Latvijas Kustība par neatkarīgu dzīvi”.

So, on behalf of INDUSTRA's customers and employees, we donated this year's Christmas gift funds of €1000 to help make the foundation’s dream of a group home come true. The group home is meant for people with a very severe developmental disabilities who need a lot of support in their daily lives. The group home would be their chance to live as independent life as possible. It would also give a peace of mind to their parents, that their children's world will not collapse when they are no longer around. 

Merry Christmas and a 2022 filled with wise decisions! 

We understand that our contribution is a tiny part of what the project needs. But if many of us join hands to help them, they will succeed.

Have a wonderful festive season!

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