Container-type chip boiler house manufactured by STEEL PRO installed in the Gatarta boarding house

In the future, heat will be provided in the Gatarta boarding house by a container-type chip boiler house made in Latvia. The project was implemented using the financing ensured by Industra Bank.

The provision of heat in the Gatarta boarding house not only will be more environmentally friendly in the future, but also at a predictable price, which is currently a very significant benefit during the huge rise in energy prices. This has become possible because the heat supply company EcoHeatPro SIA has installed in the Gatarta boarding house a container-type chip boiler house manufactured by STEEL PRO SIA with a capacity of 250 kw. The total cost of the project is 237 thousand euros, of which 139 thousand is financed by Industra Bank. 

Sandis Gromovs, the head of SIA STEEL PRO, points out: “The container-type chip boiler house T3-250 Ultra compact is a completely new product of ours, which combines the boiler equipment, chip storage and fuel supply system in one module. The boiler house is fully automated, its operation is controlled remotely and the presence of a person in its daily work is not necessary. The implementation of such a project is beneficial for both the heat producer and the end-user - Gatarta boarding house, as modern heat production equipment allows obtaining a stable heat supply at a fixed and stable price, moreover, using local energy resources (wood chips)”.

Raivis Kakānis, Chairman of the Board of Industra Bank, expresses satisfaction with the participation in the implementation of this project: "This project brilliantly highlights the potential of our local businesses. This is the technology that has been developed here in Latvia, which will allow the most vulnerable part of the population - the residents of the Gatarta boarding house - to be warm, while paying a fixed, understandable price for it. The latter aspect is certainly not insignificant at a time of unprecedented rise in energy prices. In addition, it is a step, although small, towards the wider use of green energy in our country”.

SIA EcoHeatPro, in cooperation with the manufacturer of container-type boiler houses SIA STEEL PRO, continues its rapid development and plans to install more and more modern heat energy production equipment of such type elsewhere in Latvia. Thus, the security of energy and the stability of heat energy tariffs will be strengthened in the small villages and towns of Latvia, using the local renewable energy resource, while maintaining the green course for reducing CO2

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Industra Bank 
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