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Changes in the pricelist

Changes in the price list of banking services for legal persons and private individuals will take effect on July 1, 2022.

The changes concern the following services for legal persons:

  • cash operations;
  • preparation of documents and references;
  • transfer;
  • deposits.

The changes concern the following services for private individuals:

  • deposits.

More about changes

Changes in deposit servicing
For deposit agreements concluded from 01.07.2022, a commission fee for early termination of the agreement will be set also in cases when the bank is notified in advance.

Cash withdrawal from the account in the customer service center
There are changes to the fee for withdrawing cash from the account in the customer service center.

Transfers from sanctioned countries
Going further, an additional commission fee will be applied to the incoming payments to the Industra Bank customer's accounts, if the payment is sent from a credit institutions whose countries are subject to international sanctions.

Verification of credentials
A commission fee has now been set for the verification of a notarial power of attorney.

Please get acquainted with all the changes in the price list for private individuals residents, private individuals non-residents, as well as for legal persons residents and legal persons non-residents (changes are highlighted in red).

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