Changes in the pricelist

Changes in the price list of banking services for private individuals will take effect on July 1, 2022.

The main changes concern the following services:

  • customer current account servicing (changes apply only to non-residents);
  • cash operations;
  • preparation of documents and references;
  • transfers.

More about changes

Going forward, an additional commission fee will be applied for the transfer of an incoming payment to an Industra Bank customer's account made from a Russian or Belarusian credit institution.

Also the fee for servicing and closing the account for private individuals, non-residents who receive a pension of the Republic of Latvia in their current account with Industra Bank changes.

In addition, commissions are set for the examination of a Notarial Power of Attorney and for the examination of Inheritance Documents.

Please get acquainted with all the changes in the price list for private individuals residents and non-residents (changes are highlighted in red).

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