4 Things to pay attention buying Christmas gifts online

More and more often we choose to buy gifts and other things we need in our daily lives online. Find out, what to consider ensuring that buying Christmas presents brings only positive moments.

1. It is a fact - the Christmas presents must be under the Christmas tree right on Christmas Eve! 
In fact, it is important for any gift to reach its recipient on the day of the celebration, not after it. Therefore, we suggest buying gifts well in advance and make sure that the merchant promises to deliver the gift on time (keeping in mind that there is a possibility that the merchant postpones this date. You will have the right to refuse the purchase, but most probably this option will not please you, since you still will be without the needed gift). Usually during the holiday season the workload of courier services increases, which may mean additional days necessary for your purchase in its journey to you.

2. Read the reviews
Shop in popular online stores. Take a moment to read the reviews of the customers of the store. Check if this store has accounts and active communication on social networks, it will also prove its seriousness. It will be ten to twenty minutes of your time, which can save you from possible frustration if you do not receive the long-waited item in the expected time or quality.

3. Check security 
Make sure the store internet address starts with https in your web browser, or you see a padlock icon at the beginning.

4. If you do not like the purchased gift, you have the right to return it to the seller
According to the Consumer Rights Protection Law of the Republic of Latvia (Patērētāju tiesību aizsardzības likums), you have the right to return a remotely purchased product within 14 days (without explaining the refusal reason to the seller). Shipping costs are usually covered by the customer (but the store may offer a free return). You are not allowed to use the product if you intend to return it.

We wish you safe purchases, beautiful gifts, and a very bright holiday season!

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