Beware of fraudsters, do not disclose your data!

Fraudsters have currently become active again and, claiming to be employees or associated persons of banks, call bank customers in an attempt to trick them into divulging data for access to the internet banking system or personal data.

Industra urges you not to disclose your Internet Banking password and card details to unknown persons and not to click on suspicious, unknown links in e-mail messages, but in case of any doubt, to contact the bank immediately. 

Please be reminded that the bank's employees never make calls or send letters to customers asking them to disclose private data and do not ask customers to sign in to the Internet Banking system, confirm payments, or perform other similar activities. 

To ascertain whether a particular phone call or request came from the bank, Industra asks you to write to the e-mail address or call the customer service phone number: + 371 67 01 93 93.

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